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Seamless Connected Care

Transforming Workflows in the Continuum of Care


Transforming clinical workflows between acute and post-acute providers to drive better patient outcomes, generate new revenue, and reduce administrative burden.

The Problem
Fax, phone calls, and voicemails move critical clinical information

Traditionally, physician teams rely on fax for signing home health orders & phone-tag for responding to post-acute clinician concerns about patient issues. The silos between the acute and post-acute care institution EMRs creates a "black box" of patient status after discharge, delays in care administration, and administrative burden.

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The Cost of the Problem
Carrying these clinical exchanges via analog workflows creates significant delays to care provision, impacting quality of care...

Preventable Readmissions


Health System impact
Over $15,000 in cost per readmitted patient

Home Health impact
Decreased volume from higher incidence of readmissions & complications

Administrative Overhead

Health System impact
2+ Hours per patient spent by MD & provider team

Home Health impact
Multi-week time to signature and multi-day time to triage

Negative Financial Impact


Health System impact
Unbilled revenue for post-acute care oversight

Home Health impact
Significant annual AR impact due to delays to signature

Our Solution
An EMR-integrated web and mobile platform for seamless connection

WellBeam's EMR-integrated solution transforms providers' ability to follow and manage their patients' post-acute status and care. It enables MDs & APPs to:

  • Allows providers to authorize post-acute orders from anywhere at anytime

  • Respond quickly to clinician-raised concerns about patient conditions 

  • Capture net-new revenue

  • Eliminate charting


Return on Investment
WellBeam supports your triple bottom line: improving quality, minimizing provider burnout, and increasing revenue

Improved Patient Outcomes

Health System Impact
Up to a 30% reduction in readmissions and ED visits

Home Health Impact
Increased volume from reduction in readmissions & complications

Increased Provider Efficiency

Health System Impact
85% time savings for MD & provider team

Home Health Impact
80% reduction in turn around time to signature and triage

Net New Revenue

Health System Impact
Capture unbilled codes for provider management of home healthcare

Home Health Impact
Eliminated headcount for signature collection & reduced cash cycle

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