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Customer Story: Real-time Medication Adjustment to Prevent Complications


A Home Health clinician identifies that their patient is experiencing urinary symptoms, and needs further information to determine how to adjust diuretic dosage. They need the following physician to quickly generate an order for labs to conduct the analysis in order to avoid their patient visiting the ED.


> Physician generated lab order in under 24 hours

> Home Health clinicians can share lab results with physician so they can track patient’s progress

> Prevented the chance of sepsis and bladder infection


The following physician highlighted that, previously, it would take several days to submit the requested order, due to “incessant faxing” (a significant amount of duplicate faxes made it difficult to respond timely fashion).

However, WellBeam allowed the Home Health clinicians to send a single, electronic alert about the patient’s condition, which the following physician could respond to in real time. The clinician then shared the results quickly with the physician which allowed the physician to change the diuretic dosage and prevent any further complications. 

“The [Home Health] nurse can tell me right away they are concerned about the patient and it eliminates delay. They commonly ask for urinalysis orders because they can’t order on their own. This is quite useful as these patients can be admitted for sepsis or bladder infection...I can also monitor kidney function based on labs results that they send back to me.”

 - Stanford Primary Care MD