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Customer Story: Timely Triage to Prevent ED Visit


An 80-year old woman shows signs of wound infection after she is discharged to Home Health following a knee replacement surgery. She starts to receive blisters on the incision site while under the supervision of Home Health clinicians, which required evaluation to determine if infection was a possibility. 


> Real-time adjustment to patient care to prevent reinfection

> No additional office visits or readmission

> Prevented unnecessary pain for patient by redoing dressings


The APP received the order directly and signed without delay. WellBeam automatically sent the signed form to the Home Health clinician, and filed the forms appropriately to the patient’s chart. The clinician followed up with a message to indicate they changed the patient’s care based on the signed order, which also was automatically uploaded to the patient’s chart, eliminating several steps for the following clinical team.

WellBeam enabled the APP to automate management of documents coming from the Home Health partner, which eliminated the need to receive, organize, scan, sign, chart, and return faxes / calls. 

WellBeam saved the patient an office visit as well as a painful removal of dressings for her blisters. We would not be able to identify the severity of the blisters without the images from the Home Health clinicians… in addition, the real-time exchange allowed us to adjust the medication dosage immediately to prevent wound infection.”