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Customer Story: Improving Physician Efficiency


An APP receives an order and several forms to review for a post-surgical patient receiving Home Health. These forms must be organized, reviewed, and sent back to the agency. Both the APP and the HHA must ensure these forms are uploaded into the patient chart in their EMR for compliance and completeness.


> Physician generated lab order in under 24 hours

> Home Health clinicians can share lab results with physician so they can track patient’s progress

> Prevented the chance of sepsis and bladder infection 


The APP received the order directly and signed without delay. WellBeam automatically sent the signed form to the Home Health clinician, and filed the forms appropriately to the patient’s chart. The clinician followed up with a message to indicate they changed the patient’s care based on the signed order, which also was automatically uploaded to the patient’s chart, eliminating several steps for the following clinical team. WellBeam enabled the APP to automate management of documents coming from the Home Health partner, which eliminated the need to receive, organize, scan, sign, chart, and return faxes / calls.

Every provider’s wish to have something this efficient. It is mentally taxing the moment you see a stack of papers and it is such a relief to not see something waiting for you… care is streamlined, and I can get time back in my schedule. I can sign everything on my own time, and
I can do it instantly!” 

Highly and without reservation recommend WellBeam due to time savings and quality of life for the provider… it’s the perfect integration for both the provider and improving patient care.”